“Oh how I wish Dallas was in Tennessee”

Hey, y’all. Thought it might be easier to share updates on the move this way, instead of glomming up FB and email.

As you know, I’m off on the grand adventure of moving back to Dallas, a mere 19 years after I last left it. Not much has changed. It’s bigger. Still flat. Lots of brown paneling and gold trim. Expensive cars and big hair. (Except on my head, of course.) Shiny glass-encased skyscrapers, toll roads and great Tex-Mex. Malls and shopping centers on every corner. I miss the hills and green of Tennessee, and my 13 years’ worth of friends and family. And my yard. And Pancake Pantry. And the Caney Fork River. And rafting the Ocoee. And seeing Nicole and Keith in restaurants. But I’m looking forward to finding new special places here.

It’s particularly bizarro being here alone. It feels really weird, living in an apartment again like when I was 22, not having Chase the Wonder Dog. (I’m getting a bit of a rep as the weird lady who tries to pet random strangers’ dogs at the park.) Hearing other people showering next door. I’m in a neat area, with lots of hip young urban dwellers, coffee shops, artsy stuffs and parks. (No, I don’t know why they let me in, either.) So it’s a fun place to try to settle in for a bit. There’s a big park just down the street, and they’re having a food festival in a couple of weeks, with Train playing. Yay, I’ve only heard “Hey Soul Sister” 3,409 times this week.

D will be here at the end of May, which sounds like a loong time. But if the next three weeks are half as busy as the last three, it’ll pass fast. Unless I get pneumonia again. That kind of slows time down until you’re in the middle of a Dali painting and things get swirly and elastic-y.

It’s been smokingly crazy at Children’s. Learning a new (and HUGE) medical center. Finding my way around our building, then having to pack up today and move to a new one. (Hope I remember to drive to the new one on Monday.) Several major media stories… And did I mention that the hospital is HUGE? It falls into nine ZIP codes and 17 area codes. Small planets revolve around it. Light can’t escape from it. It’s larger than 346 countries on four continents. It’s, well, Texas-sized. I work with a really smart, funny, energetic and friendly group of people here, so that’s fab.

Enough for tonight. Thanks for playing my game. Later.

About wordsmith1313

Now: Somewhat retired, although I don't do it very well. Formerly senior director of Communications and Marketing for the Dallas Zoo. Journalist. EMT. Writer. Breast cancer survivor. I love to travel, and will always return from a trip with a new friend or two. Those fortuitous meetings bring velvet to the rough edges of life.
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4 Responses to “Oh how I wish Dallas was in Tennessee”

  1. Linda ZB says:

    Ah, I’m glad you started this blog. It’s so nice to get detail on how life is going in your new place – though honestly it strikes me as odd because it doesn’t feel as if you are gone yet. We get to keep D, right? Love, Linda

  2. I’m glad you’re writing this blog Laurie. Even though I’m not among the Tennessee friends who will be missing you, I’m curious to hear the tale of your geographic transition at this stage of life. And of course, coming from such a gifted writer you could tell the tale of anything and it would probably be interesting. So I’m bookmarking it and plan to read it regularly. Hence you better stick with it!

  3. Carole B says:

    They play ‘Hey soul sistah’ here too— not so different, really, just greener and fluffier up here. Glad you’re blogging, nice to hear your voice again. (even if it’s with my eyes).

  4. Wanda says:

    Please keep posting. We miss living in Dallas so much. We’ll live there vicariously through you!

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