Random thoughts

Today I re-found (that’s not actually a word, except that now it is ’cause I made it one) one of my favorite restaurants from 1989, when I lived here in my previous life. Uncle Julio’s. It was packed, and looks about the same, only a bit bigger. The prices have gone up a lot. It used to be the place we’d go hang out and have cheap eats and cold margaritas… not anymore, at least on the cheap eats part. The food was still great, though. I had nachos. Very appreciative that my waiter told me I could get a half-order. Can’t wait to take visitors there.

After work on Friday, which was our packing-up-to-move day, a bunch of my new colleagues and I went to Chuy’s for drinks. It was good, too, and fun. Can’t wait to take visitors there.

Today I ran by the new office to drop off some stuff. We’re on the 7th floor, and I can look out over the hospital, UT-Southwestern, Parkland, etc. And — those of you who know me well will really get this — we’re right in the flight path for our medevac helicopters! Sweet!

Urgent questions and random musings about Dallas:

* Yes, I love good food and fun places. But does one city really need this many restaurants?

* Shopping list: new brake pads and shock absorbers. (I long wistfully for Tennessee’s silky-smooth roads, after a month of bone-jarring Dallas driving. Of course, after the past couple of days, Tennessee may not have any roads left.)

* What are these big, black birds with the pointy tails that scream/whistle/shriek so incredibly loudly? And am I allowed to kill them?

* Should I get some cowboy boots? Maybe red ones? Or black… oooh, yeah, black.

* Whoever named Chicago the Windy City never spent much time in Dallas.

* It rocks being in an A-list concert town again. Lady GaGa. Eagles. Etc. Might need a second job.

* My new governor, jogging this week, felt the need to gun down a coyote with a semiautomatic pistol loaded with hollow-point bullets. He often carries it while he runs, he says, because he’s scared of snakes. Words fail me. Who carries a loaded gun while JOGGING? Rick Perry, apparently.

* You know you’re in the big city when your Sirius radio has a traffic channel dedicated specifically to the clogged streets on which you’ve come to a dead stop. Makes me feel like they’re watching me from that satellite. I think I’ll wear my foil-covered hat tomorrow.

About wordsmith1313

Now: Somewhat retired, although I don't do it very well. Formerly senior director of Communications and Marketing for the Dallas Zoo. Journalist. EMT. Writer. Breast cancer survivor. I love to travel, and will always return from a trip with a new friend or two. Those fortuitous meetings bring velvet to the rough edges of life.
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4 Responses to Random thoughts

  1. Wanda says:

    I think those birds are grackles and it’s only that windy in the spring.

  2. karen says:

    the first thing that has made me smile all day! thanks!

  3. Marilyn says:

    WOW! Uncle Julio’s!!! I remember that place. Good food. Okay, obviously I will be reliving my Dallas years through you. BTW, you were correct, I lived in Valley Ranch but I referred to it as the more general Irving area since Valley Ranch isn’t even on Yahoo maps. Have you visited the Oak Lawn area yet? We had some good gay times there. 😉

    Guns & jogging – welcome to Texas! I’m surprised he wasn’t jogging in cowboy boots. Let’s hope Perry doesn’t decide to secede from the Union while you are staying there.

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